Important Issues



There are many issues that threaten the welfare of our state. However, these are the most pressing issues that I feel have a direct impact on each and every one of us. I know that with passion and commitment, we can tackle these issues and create a healthy, safe, and financially stable community for all.


Recharging the Economy

.. by keeping taxes down for all families, the individual, and businesses. Government needs to be reminded to live within its means just as we do when it comes to our household budgets. Small businesses, the backbone of our community, should not be tied down with increased fees and items such as unemployment payroll taxes. How can people in our community find jobs if government ties down our businesses thus not allowing them to expand and hire?


Producing Quality Education

.. by supporting adequate funding, accountability, and parental choice. Florida’s future economic prosperity will rely on the quality education our children receive today. If we aren’t engaging our students today how will Florida be globally competitive and financially successful without leaders in innovation and new technology tomorrow? By strengthening the system and supporting early education we can ensure our children will be prepared for future success.


Providing Safer Streets

.. by putting an end to lax punishments that put criminals back in our neighborhoods before they have completed their sentences. Also our citizens, particularly our children and seniors, are becoming victims of criminal activity because of today’s modern technology. Legislation needs to be passed immediately to keep internet users safe through the means of stricter prosecution and education. And we need to go back to talking about recharging the economy and providing quality education, without them how can we ever obtain safer streets?


Enhancing our Healthcare

.. by ensuring that our senior citizens, children, and physically disabled are ensured that programs designed to help them are protected. We need to cut the cost of healthcare by preventing frivolous medical lawsuits that drives up the cost of insurance for everyone. To improve quality care we also need to support policies that encourage research and the development of modern technologies to be incorporated in our hospitals and medical facilities.




Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jackie Rojas-Quiñones, Republican, for State Representative, District 58.