A Letter from Jackie



Dear Friends,

As Floridians, this past year we have emptied out our pocketbooks and we have had enough! We are paying more taxes on so-called “user & license fees,” increased taxes on tobacco which directly impacts our local industry, and paying up to a 1000% increase in unemployment payroll taxes for small businesses.  If our state has allowed this to happen, then we should ask ourselves, “What’s Next?”
Our state needs to operate as if it was a household or business, and needs to live within its means. Florida needs business and community leaders--not career politicians--to guide our state in the right fiscal direction. As a business owner, accountant, paralegal, mother, grandmother, community leader, and taxpayer, I can bring common sense solutions to our state.
If given the honor to represent our community, I will advocate for policies that will recharge our economy, produce quality education, provide safer streets, enhance healthcare and provide fair insurance. We should strive to provide the next generation a community that is better-- not worse –than the community that we have today. My children and I have both been raised in District 58, and I know our community can bring integrity back to our state.
Are you concerned about “What’s Next” for our community and our state? Are you ready for principled leadership? Then join our team today! I will need your support and your vote on January 26th and February 23rd.




Jackie Rojas-Quiñones
Candidate for State of Florida Representative, District 58


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